Skin care

Whether you have dry, oily, sensitive or mixed skin, you need a moisturizer adapted to everyday life.

Good hydration guarantees a firm and healthy skin. On the other hand, malnourished skin ages faster and shows wrinkles. However, not all moisturizing creams are suitable for all types of skin and a non-adapted treatment does not do any good. Find the perfect skincare to ensure young and fresh skin with this guide.

skin care

It is very common to experience that the skin feels dried or dehydrated. The condition can occur regardless of skin type and for a variety of reasons, but often the cause is incorrect product selection, lack of protective and moisturizing care, extra cold climates or excessive sun. To find out if the skin is dehydrated, gently compress the skin on the cheeks or push the tip of the nose slightly upwards. If you immediately see small, fine lines in the skin, the skin is probably dehydrated. The skin will also feel uncomfortably tight.

If you have a dry skin type it is important to work with nutritious products, but in order to cope with a humid state one should focus on moisture. The most important step in treating the condition is to dissolve into the dry, old skin cells that have accumulated on the skin surface. AHA acids, such as glycolic acid, can quickly dissolve in the gut and gray skin, leaving it silky soft. Focus on light products that can penetrate deep into the skin, such as active moisturizers, and focus on ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, squalane, lipids, antioxidants and vitamins. Supplement with a moisturizer that helps the skin absorb the moisturizing ingredients and keeps the skin moisturized all day long. A simple tip is to replace the cleaning gel with a cleansing milk!

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