How to get a fresh and clean skin

Clean skin gives a better effect to the rest of the skin. So, a good skin care
base starts with a good cleaning routine. This applies to
everyone, regardless of skin type, age, sex and skin condition.
A good facial cleanser morning and evening is necessary for a good effect of
serum, creams and other skin care.
Here are the cleansing routines that gives you a beautiful and clean skin that

1-Give the skin a
good night

1-In the evening makeup
should be removed. Anything that has settled on the skin from contaminants,
grease and old cream residue, possibly sunscreen, should be removed to get a
clean skin and prepare the skin for the important night care.

2-Do you use a lot of
makeup. in
this case use a product that is oil-based and dissolves makeup and dirt more
easily on the skin. Then you use your usual cleaner and get rid of the
cleaning oil and dirt.
After the evening cleansing, you can benefit from a nourishing serum and a
night cream. Choose
products that work with what you want to focus on; soothes the skin, heals
oily skin, anti-aging, etc.
At night, the skin works, renews itself and repairs itself, so help it to do
the job as well as possible.

2-Give your
skin a good morning

The skin cleanser
must remove waste and prepare the skin for serum with the associated day cream
– thus providing good hydration and protection.

After a night in
which the skin worked and rid the dead cells of skin and dirt, it helped to
find a clean skin.

PS! The first
signs of aging are usually around the eyes; so, invest in a good eye cream that
breaks wrinkles and fine lines, possibly acts against puffiness and dark
circles, or refreshes tired eyes. Use an eye cream after cleansing in the morning
and evening.

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