Are you ready to give your skin a detox?

We are surrounded by all the skin care tricks one has to follow to get nice and young skin. Creams, serums, face masks, face water, scrubs and cleansers are just a few of all the products many feel you need to wash with and lubricate with daily.

Korean beauty care has been popular around the world lately, swearing up to as many as 15 products to get skin ready for night and day. In this country, new products are constantly popping up with ingredients that will glow, prevent aging and make the pimples disappear for good.

fasting of the skin

However, the fashion website Man Repeller, which was started by Leandra Medine, writes that the new beauty trend that is currently raging is so-called “skin fasting” or skin fasting. This simply involves cutting all skin care products that you usually use one or more days a week – or a whole week for a proper detox.

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The trend should have started at the Japanese clinic Mirai Clinical, which has been inspired by Hippocrates, popularly called the “father of medical arts”, who believed that traditional fasting could have a healing effect.

– It’s good for both us and the environment

Pharmacist Monika Andersen is an expert on ingredients and author of the book “Your cosmetics and skin care guide”. She thinks that you can benefit from some kind of break from cosmetics.

– Everything from various creams to perfume undoubtedly affects us. It is good, both for ourselves and for the environment, that we can reduce the use of cosmetic products, she says.

Andersen believes there are several positive aspects of cutting back on skin care.

 – Consumers want to save money, save society for plastic waste, chemical waste, more space in the closet and sharpen senses like sense of smell and taste. The occurrence of allergic reactions will probably also decrease over time. We know that the more we expose ourselves to chemical substances, the greater the risk of developing sensitization and allergies, she explains.

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