More products do not mean better skin.

The ingredient expert points out that you may benefit from relieving the skin with regard to cosmetic products, or not strained it unnecessarily. She says that over the past 12 years she has scanned thousands of people’s skins. Her experience is not that those who use most products have the least skin problems.

– Those who only
used water to wash had better skin condition or less problems than those who
cleansed the skin with products every morning and evening and those who only
cleansed the skin in the morning. Those who have the very best skin condition
are the ones who only cleanse the skin with products at night, she explains.

But even though
the attitude is not always “the more, the better” when it comes to
cosmetics, Andersen believes it is important with some products, especially
sunscreen with a view to preventing skin cancer.

– It is important
to care for your skin by using a moisturizer to prevent dryness. It is also
important to protect yourself from the sun. Before you go to bed, it is
advisable to rid the skin of the current contamination and apply a good
repairing and soothing night cream, she says, adding that a visit to the skin
care provider for treatment may also be wise once in a while.

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