Alcohol causes aging of the skin

Alcohol aggravates skin problems

Alcohol has inflammatory effects on the body and on the skin. It is indeed a powerful vasodilator that acts very quickly on small vessels of the face. Not to mention the high sugar content of alcoholic beverages, which increase the level of glucose in our blood and prevent the cells of the skin to regenerate well. Dark circles swollen, gray complexion, redness … are all small annoyances that, ultimately, leave visible marks on our face.

In addition, alcohol can also be a contributing factor to existing skin problems, such as:




Rhinophyma (bulging, bloody nose)

These skin problems are sometimes wrongly associated with excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol aggravates these conditions, but is not the main cause.

Dehydration dries out the skin

Alcohol consumption tends to induce dehydration because the alcohol has a diuretic effect. This loss of water could also be the cause of the unpleasant sensation of “hangover”. The aesthetic consequences are then felt in the long term: the skin dries, it becomes dull, wrinkles and small fine lines are more marked.

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