Take care of your skin

The skin is the
largest organ of the body and performs several essential tasks. Therefore, it
is important that you treat it properly by protecting it, cleaning it and
moisturizing it. If you start taking care of your skin at an early age, you
will keep it all your life.

Children and
teenagers rarely have skin problems and so many people do not manage to care
for them at an early age. Many people think that dry skin or sunburns do not
hurt. The consequence may be that, in adulthood, one becomes aware of the
damage that this has caused to the skin and that these have already occurred.

However, it’s
never too late to start taking care of your skin, and there are some important

Protect your
skin from too much sun

You must take
seriously the damage caused by excessive sunbathing to the skin. The more you
suffer from sunburn, the more likely you are to develop a malignant melanoma, a
cancer of the mole4. Excessive tanning also speeds up skin aging because the connective
tissue is damaged and wrinkles are formed. The skin loses its elasticity and
you can get pigmentation of the skin1.

When you go out,
it is important to use sunscreen with high sun protection, stay in the shade
and wear airy clothing and a protective hat.


Too much soap can
dry out and irritate the skin. The skin contains natural moisture and
emollients that protect foreign bodies and micro-organisms. So, you have to be
careful with a lot of soap if you have dry and sensitive skin because the soap
can remove some of the natural fat layer.

The more you try
to wash the fat, the more the sebaceous glands of the skin will work to replace
the fat. Therefore, it is best to use a cleansing lotion containing fat or
non-alcoholic facial water.

Moisture and

So that the skin
does not lose its elasticity and age prematurely, it is important not to become
too dry. Drying produces more sebum that can cause acne problems.

Dry, irritated
skin needs moisture and it’s important to choose products that are right for
your skin type. You should consider that there is a difference between greasy
creams for very dry skin and moisturizing creams.

For dry skin, a
product with softener content is recommended, while normal to blended skin
needs a lighter and more hydrated product. In addition, children should be
lubricated with softening and moisturizing products after bathing or showering.
It is also good to use a shower or bath oil or mild cleansers.

Do not forget
to examine your skin!

The skin can be
affected by various disorders, slight or serious. As part of your own skin
care, this can be good and sometimes, examine yourself. Click on the link below
to learn how to conduct such a survey.

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