Find its nuances

Hold a piece of paper against your face. Look
at yourself in a mirror and try to see what your skin looks like by comparing
it to the white sheet of paper. It might look a little yellow, blue-red, or
pinkish, or it might look more like a gray color.

If your skin looks yellowish next to the white
sheet of paper, you have a warm complexion.

If it looks pink, pink or bluish red, you have
a cold complexion.

If it looks gray, you probably have an olive
complexion with a neutral undertone. The green of your complexion and the
yellow of your shade combine to create this effect. You can experiment with
neutral and warm shades since you are in between.

If you cannot determine a yellow, olive or pink
complexion, you have a neutral complexion. Neutral skin tones will give a good
result with foundations and colors at both ends of the cold and hot spectrum.

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