The Acne Regimen

The Acne Regimen – Your three-phase guide

The Acne Regimen  is a three-phase procedure, making use of typical pharmacy solutions to get rid of acne. Maybe you have possibly experimented with comparable solutions before. However, once applied specifically as described below, you are going to certainly get rid of your acne concern.

To start with, look at the video tutorial as well as examine the step by step directions that will allow you to be confident with the three-phase procedure .

After that, make use of the product information to ensure you obtain the correct products.



The Acne Regimen – Step 1 of 3 Cleanser


Softly splash your facial areas and neckline with warm water from the basin. Otherwise whilst in the shower, provide a smooth flow of warm water from the shower head to softly splash across your face .


Disburse a reasonable quantity ( two complete pumps when making use of Acne .org Cleanse ) of face cleaner and liberally lather up hands with the recommended Acne org cleanse. Be energetic as well as make an effort as required to obtain a great lather.

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Softly clean trouble regions with plain hands for ten secs approximately. This might sound not similar to what you’re accustomed to, yet you should not clean for a longer time than ten secs. You should not make use of a washing face cloth or even another cleaning unit , because they may be simply too aggravating when compared with plain hands.

1 .4

Softly splash the facial area and neckline with warming water until the face cleaner is washed away. Otherwise let a delicate flow of water from the shower head  splash across the face until the face cleaner is cleaned away. Make it possible for the water to perform the job and clean the face instead of you using your hands.


Making use of the tips of a gentle, absorbent soft towel, softly tap or pat the skin free of moisture, scarcely coming in contact with the skin with the soft towel. Let any residual wetness to evaporate by itself. By no means wipe or scrub the skin dry.

Await until the skin is totally dried up. This requires around 5 minutes after cleaning the face at the basin or alternatively wait for approximately ten to fifteen mins after a shower . You are free to carry out other activities when your face has dried effectively

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The Acne Regimen – Step 2 of 3 Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%) Treatment


Wash and dry your hand in order to remove any excess oils and contaminants on your hands


Measure the correct dosage of Benzoyl Peroxide on your hand to apply.

a) when commencing the acne regimen use 0.5ml or about half a pump using the pump pack

– apply once a day for the first week

b) From weeks 2-4 slowly increase the amount up to 2 full pumps (4ml)

– Apply twice daily morning and nights


Apply the benzoyl peroxide (treatment) on your face really lightly using your fingertips, Very carefully stay away from the sensitive region around the eye area. You should not rub. Simply let the fingers to slide over the skin, spreading it around while allowing the benzoyl peroxide it soak up in the skin by itself. Applying using this method takes a few mins. If after three mins, the benzoyl peroxide is not completely absorbed, let the remainder to absorb by itself.


You should allow between five and fifteen mins for the skin to become dry. You should not rinse away the benzoyl peroxide from your face or applied area. When it is applied it should remain on the skin.

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The Acne Regimen – Step 3 of 3 Moisturizer


Wash and dry your hands once again to ensure your hands are completely clean of any excess oils or dirt.


Disburse 4mL, or just around one teaspoon’s worth , of moisturizer ( two full pumps when making use of Acne .org Product ). Any time you are uncertain, apply a little extra.


Put on the moisturizer really carefully with your fingertips similar to you used the benzoyl peroxide. Stay away from the sensitive eye region since the moisturizer may grab the under-lying benzoyl peroxide. You should not rub. Let your fingertips gently to slide over the skin. This could require no more than three mins . In the event after three mins , the moisturizer is not completely soaked up , let the remainder to absorb by itself.

You can apply the moisturizer during the day if you feel your skin is feeling and looking dry.

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The Acne Regimen – More videos





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