The good effects of sport on the elasticity of the skin

When the skin is elastic, it looks younger, more supple. But with age, this elasticity is lost. This is where the role of sport becomes crucial. Playing sports regularly has amazing effects on the aging process in general, and on the skin in particular.

So, does that mean our skin can be “fit”? Studies have shown that no matter how old you get into sport, the positive effects on skin elasticity and firmness are almost immediate.

Which sports for a beautiful skin?

The benefits of fitness.

To work one’s strength (via TRX, pilates or the body pumppar example) not only maintains its posture and flexibility, but it also gives a breath of oxygen to the cells of the skin. Result? A radiant mine!

To work specifically facial tone, there are also facial gymnastic exercises. Laugh and sing loud all day long, it’s already a start!

The benefits of cardio.

Cardio exercises (running, aerobics, spinning …) eliminate toxins from the body and recharge the cells with minerals and nutrients. A winning cocktail for regenerated skin.

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