What is a Healthy Skin?

What exactly is the recipe for healthy skin? You keep asking me about my skin and how I maintain it. As you know, I have struggled for a long time with sensitive and frizzy skin that is a little extra difficult to care for than many other skin types. I have spent a long time getting to know mine so in everyday life I am extremely careful to cleanse my skin every morning and evening to maintain it. Have you experienced throwing away a lot of creams and miracle products to overcome your problems, and then it ends up just getting worse? I always follow a golden remembering rule when choosing products. I have learned that the fewer and cleaner products one uses, which are tapped for unnecessary chemicals and substances, the better the skin behaves. The simplest is actually the best thing you can do for a healthy skin!

In the summer, I’m always careful to put some extra work into my skincare. Sunscreen, heat and sweat can cause the pores to get a little extra irritated, and if you do not care, you may end up with acne, dry areas or generally just redness and irritation of the skin. In my bag, I always carry cleaning wipes that can give me a quick pick-me-up when I’m on the go!

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